The Scheduler Activity

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The Scheduler Activity

In the example below, a scheduler has been set up for students to book one-one tutorial slots that take place each Tuesday. Secondly, the link that you share for bookings will be the same for all and any appointments that you set up in that calendar. If you need to set up appointments for students from different modules you should create a new calendar for each of your modules. This will prevent students from one module booking onto appointment slots intended for students from a different module. Group scheduling is also supported in scheduler; that is, each time slot can accommodate several students, and optionally it is possible to schedule appointments for entire groups at the same time. Select how many appointments students can select – e.g. in the example used, recurring tutorial slots are available each Tuesday and students can book one appointment slot at a time.

Once you have hosted it, tutors can login to the system and create calenders with availability blocks. A link is then generated for the tutors calender which they can distribute to students. Students have to login to the system also, select their desired slot and book. You can search by programme or module code, username, and by first or surname.

This is simply alerting you to the fact that a student books this time each week. If you really need to close this time slot, You can go ahead and choose ‘Confirm’ and the time slot for that particular day will be closed without affecting the future classes with that student! It will remain fixed, but it will NOT get booked, as long as the time slot is white and not green. If you have a time slot that says ‘Fixed’ then this means it is booked regularly by the same student every week or every day at that time. Usually, the Palfish booking system will auto book the class for the student when it becomes available 2 weeks in advance. Or, if you just want to close the time slot on one particular day as a one off, you can choose ‘Only close the selected day’s! This will not affect bookings of this time slot in future weeks.

The Scheduler activity will allow you to schedule appointments with your students. As a teacher you can specify time slots for meetings, which students can choose on QMplus and also schedule specific appointments for students. In turn you can also record the outcome of the meeting – and optionally grade the meeting – within scheduler.

Here at the University of Manchester we are committed to providing a first class student experience for all of our students as measures continue to be in place to help against the spread of Covid-19. If you are an international student who requires to quarantine, accommodation will be available from 24 August, and you therefore do not have to book an arrival slot. Once you have accepted your term-time accommodation, please complete and return aQuarantine application form 2020 . It’s really important that you stick to the time slot allocated to you so we can ensure we maintain social distancing and effectively manage the flow of people in our properties. Your move in day and the check in process will be a little different this year to make sure we keep our students and staff protected. Opened to students in autumn 2016, the Weston Student Hub sits in the new Paul Webley Wing. The Hub reception area, meeting rooms, sofas and study spaces have all been designed to ensure SOAS students receive the best possible service.

The created slots will be spaced by your chosen separation time, and won’t exceed the end time. For slots on the same day then you must specify a separation time. Then either specify the number of slots to create, OR set the desired end time of the last slot. A. Under the table of slots is a list of students who have not signed up for slots; you can schedule meetings for those students if you need to and notify them by email. Each student clicks a radio button for her preferred slot , then clicks the Save My Choice button; the slot displays as Booked and email notices are sent. If a student wants to cancel or choose a different appointment, they can do so via the Drop My Appointments link at the bottom; the slot then displays as free and email notices are sent. If for some reason you need to close a fixed slot, even as a one off, you can do so before it gets booked by clicking the time slot you wish to close.

Firstly, your calendar and your appointment calendar are linked but not the same. When you share the link to your appointment calendar with students they can only see the appointment slots you’ve set up. If you would like this time slot to be available for Free Talk students also, you can hit ‘Open to ALL students’ and the blue Palfish logo will disappear.

If you are an Official Kids Course Teacher, and you do not wish to do freetalk, You can also select time slots to be ‘Open to official course ONLY’. To invite students to book an appointment slot, you can now paste the link into an email to your students or alternatively share the link in Moodle. You are required to book an arrival slot via our online induction programme.

slots for students

Students are able to book 20 minute appointments with Hub staff with two slots hourly between 10am and 4pm. Please visit the Student Services Booking Pages to book an appointment. This is an open source platform from the University of Princeton .

slots for students

This will help us to manage numbers and maintain social distancing in our halls. We understand that slots will get booked up quickly so please think about a variety of possible arrival dates in case your first choice is fully booked. If you arrive without booking an arrival slot you may be required to wait during particularly busy periods. Students will have to book a date and time slot which can be accessed via the e-induction on the pre-arrival section of the application form which is available once an offer is accepted. There are limited numbers for each date and time slot, so please ensure you select this as soon as possible.

Student Services Booking Slot System

Complete a Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before you arrive. Things might be a little different at the moment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fantastic time while you’re studying. You can find out how to connect to this on the ITS support pages here. Please log in to the university system via ShuSpace to use the services listed above. LinkedIn Learning has thousands of videos to support your learning.

How To Book A Slot (students)

There is a second slot to the right of the turnstyles as you enter the Library. To access the new functionality, navigate to the Meetings section using the drop down menu at the top of the screen . By selecting this you will be taken through to the page where you set up the slots, but you will notice in the top right hand corner of the page the option to “Add people to Slot Group”. We are pleased to announce the release of new functionality that will allow you to create meeting slots with any group in the University.

FIXED – This means you have a student who books that same time slot for their class every week, so they have priority. The date that is highlighted in orange along the top of your schedule, all of the times shown below it are for that highlighted day. You can hit the “Show all time slots” button all 24 hour time slots. Iceland is offering students £5 off a £40 online shop as well as priority delivery slots. Having created appointment slots for your one-to-one sessions with your students, the following will explain how you can advertise these to your students so that they can sign up for a slot. All our correspondence with you will be via the designated email address you used to book your room – remember and keep checking it, as well as our accommodation and ResLife facebook pages.

Please note, if you’re unable to arrive 14 days before your contract start date. If you need to self-isolate due to travel restrictions, we recommend you arrive at our accommodation 14 days before the start of your contract date. We won’t be separating international and UK students within our accommodation. Mixing with students from other countries and learning about new cultures is one of the best things about student life and we won’t be taking this away from you.

If you search by module or programme code, there is an “Add All” button at the bottom of your search. This will add all students from the module / programme to your set of slots, allowing you to offer contact to a cohort of students in an organised manner. In the version released today, you can use meeting slots with supervision groups, tutees, whole modules, and any other bespoke group of students or staff. Separation TimeFor slots on the same day, you must specify a separation time. ‘End time’ is the latest possible finish time of the last slot of the day.

The scheduler activity allows you to specify time slots for meetings, which students then choose on Moodle. Staff can in turn record that the student attended, make notes about the meeting – and optionally assign a grade – within the scheduler. The scheduler sends reminders to both students and staff and allows either to cancel the appointment and book another time. The scheduler also support group meeting, where multiple students can sign up at one time. It also allows staff to assign students to attend a meeting at a particular time. You set up the Appointment Slots in your calendar with times, locations, descriptions etc. You share a link to your Appointment Calendar with your students.

Alternatively you can request a letter online via theStudent Information Desk and we will post it to your local address. Students are also able to book socially distanced study space for 3 hours at a time, with a morning and afternoon slot available. If you’ve received an email from the Library informing you that your request is now ready for collection from the Harold Cohen Library, please book a slot before the PICK-UP BY date in the email. If you need any one-to-one support with any aspect of online teaching or assessment, please book a Digital Advice Slot or contact the Digital Learning Helpdesk using the details below. Support needs are reviewed regularly and future dates will be added to this page. Course Groups with an Event Type of ‘Interview’ allow you to set up interview slots. You can bring two guests with you and they will be able to help you move in during a two-hour time slot.

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