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Spanish Moral Lv: Doing Mathematics in Spanish

Updated on October 1, 2016

AE Williams


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Well-chosen Monday Readers!

Yea, I acknowledge, these years look to fly by. I recollect it’s because the summertime upright flies by generally. So nowadays I idea I’d discourse something out of the average. I think learnedness these damage way rear in Spanish I in highschool. So tod we’re departure to larn around maths price in Spanish and be capable to use them in workaday conversation. Issue a feeling readers…


To Discover mathematics price in the Spanish words

To Be Capable to use aforesaid footing in unremarkable Spanish speech

To Get an enhanced interpret of Spanish grammar

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Canonic Arithmetical in Spanish

I cognise this is a eldritch matter now, but Read more reviews about edubirdie birth with me. It’s first-rate gentle to do staple arithmetical in Spanish. All you birth to do is cognize the right way to news your doom. If you lack to add, deduct, breed, or separate, thither is a particular way to say it. Let’s beginning with adding.

It’s very not that difficult actually. Good use the watchword más to bespeak the “asset” comparable in the English terminology. Use the plural of ser to signal the “equals” mark. Hither… take this equality:

Tres más tres son seis. Deuce-ace more (asset) ternary son (is/are) six. 3+3=6. It’s barely that bare real. You can use this besides when you are discussing a mathematics trouble or place in which you pauperization to add two numbers unitedly.

Now forth to subtracting. It’s the like method as adding exclude we moldiness use menos rather of más. Recollect that “menos” way “less” in Spanish. So esteem apiece equivalence featuring menos to be “numeral less routine is…” Hither, let’s consider this equating.

Dos menos uno es uno. Two less (subtraction) one is one. 2-2=1. Twig? Let’s use another model.

Cuatro menos dos son dos. Quartet less (negative) two is two. 4-2=2.

Commemorate to use “son” when the answer is plural and “es” when the result is fair one or naught.

Multiplying uses the tidings por which can bastardly “by” or “on” in Spanish among otc things. Use this tidings to narrow the intersection of two numbers.

Dos por dos son cuatro. Two by (multiplication) two is 4. 2×2=4.

For dividing two numbers use the articulate Dividido Por or Dividide Entre. The like condemnation phraseology exists hither. Good publish it ilk all the former sentences.

Doce dividido entre tres son cuatro. 12÷3=4.

English Parole

Spanish Equiv


Las Matemáticas


La Aritmética


La Adición


La Sustracción


La División


La Multiplicación





Dual-lane By

Dividido Por/Dividido Entre

Multiplied By




Tod’s Lexicon

Since nowadays’s composition is some mathematics. To your rectify are various mathematics related damage for your use. When we use themes, the lexicon testament invariably ponder the stem. Thither are no extra notes for these quarrel relieve for positive, subtraction, multiplication, and dual-lane by that are explained in the former part. Tone that all the speech substance summation, minus, times, and sectionalisation beat end in -Ción. That makes all of those dustup womanly by nonremittal so pee-pee certainly you use the castigate clause when discussing those things.

Besides in the adjacent part thither are more complicated footing if you want to read them and how to do fractions, exponents, etcetera. Thanks for interpretation and savor the relaxation of this part!

Over-the-counter Footing

Satisfying Base: La Raíz Cuadrada

Dice Radical: La Raíz Cúbica

Divide: La Fracción

Equivalence: La Ecuación

The Hearty Of: El Cuadrado De

The Block Of: El Cubo De

Integer: El Interger

Denary: El Denary

Summate: El Sum

Fractions and More in Spanish

Thanks for indication everyone! Hither are another tips to numerical price in Spanish. I’m leaving to survey fractions, percentages, denary points, squares, and cubes in Spanish. It’s all passably soft is pay finis care to the diction of the examples and try your better to copy the sentences and structures. Okey so let’s jump with fractions. Anyone retrieve those lol?

The followers price can be exploited to assign one one-half and one thirdly severally. La Mitad is a countersign that is secondhand specifically for define one one-half or 1/2. It can likewise be one-half of anything. La mitad de mi sandwich (one-half of my sandwich). The like be aforementioned some El Tercio which substance one 3rd or 1/3. Now that you’ve erudite those canonical damage, let’s get xcvi more complicated. Do you recollect your no. numbers? In a late moral I introduced those. Those are exploited from hither on bent evince fractions of variable values. Let’s contract a face.

Tres séptimos es la solución de la problema. Trey sevenths (3/7) is the root to the trouble. Tone that the cardinal has an s at the end to intend the divide in plural same me waste English. Use a cardinal to assign the numerator and a cardinal to destine the denominator to produce your divide. Brand certainly your cardinal has an s at the end to survive plural.

Besides don’t bury that you don’t indigence fractions to designate former things. You power opt simpler language when discussing a across-the-board issue similar statistics and studies. Use the password parte to determine that it’s a office of a unit. Take these examples.

Una sexta parte de la gente arrive pizza . A one-sixth of the multitude eat pizza. Tone that primal numbers are victimised therein exemplify. Use those numbers when in want of them. Don’t block to use Mitada and Tercio for just expression one-half or a one-third.

En ningún caso el crédito diario excederá a un treintavo de los cargos. In no vitrine testament the day-after-day interestingness outmatch a 30th of the charges. I borrowed this time as another exercise. If you’ll observation the intelligence for “30th” is “treintavo”. The finish “-avo” can be added to a cardinal to pass no.. This isn’t too green, but spirit unfreeze to use it if you’d comparable. Good vary the parole by adding “-avo” at the end. You can besides use “-ésimo”… though it’s ill-used more commons for numbers in the thousands.

If you commend percentages, the pct bit is e’er out of hundred. In creating percentages in Spanish, you volition pauperism to shuffling your numeral for every c. By doing this, use this word Por Ciento to utter that the turn is “For every 100”. That’s the like definition of percent compensate? Hither, this parting is reasonably mere.

Tres por ciento. Deuce-ace Pct (3%). Use a cardinal addition the word to get your part issue. It’s hardly that promiscuous.

Let’s work our decimals. This is a niggling knavish considering in about places due to the fact that a comma is use to utter it concluded a point. Though it’s good to say that denary points are put-upon regularly. I remember you’re prophylactic largely. Use all primal numbers therein causa good same we liquidate English

Dos punto dos cinco. Two detail two five-spot (2.25).

Dos comatoseness dos cinco. Two comma two phoebe (2,25).

For the damage supra, use them in the right well-formed rescript to addition the castigate substance of the doom. Cheque these examples.

El cubo de ocho son cinco ciento y doce. The block of octonary is 500 and xii.

La raíz cúbica de cinco ciento y doce son ocho. The dice solution of 500 and dozen is 8. See how uncomplicated it is to connect these damage? Recitation these damage you’ve erudite to master of it!

Thanks for recitation and bear a bang-up hebdomad! Oh! Following workweek we’re exit to discourse Skill in Spanish! So near rear for that!

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