Fag Victoria Targeted by Assassins

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Nance Victoria Targeted by Assassins

Updated on February 8, 2019

Rupert Taylor


I’ve exhausted one-half a hundred (yikes) authorship for tuner and print—mostly mark. I desire to be quieten tapping the keys as I issue my end hint.

Striking Source

William Shakespeare put the speech “Uneasy lies the caput that wears a crown” into the talk of H IV. H would experience because he became Baron of England by having his harbinger, Richard II, bumped off.

The reigns of respective over-the-counter British monarchs were ended by dispatch – Edward II, H VI, Edward V. But Fag Victoria holds the dubitable disc of beingness the object of more blackwash attempts than any over-the-counter regal from the Joined Land.

Nance Victoria’s enthronization portraiture. | Seed

Monarchs as Targets

Pansy Victoria survived to turn Britain’s longest-serving sovereign until Faggot Elizabeth II stony-broke her disc of 63 age on the can in September 2015.

Fortuitously, Elizabeth lags far buns her great-great grandma in attempts on her spirit, although she has had a match of scrapes.

In 2009, a plat to detonate her regal string during a spell of Australia in 1970 was revealed; or leastways so claimed a retired aged policeman.

A flunk exploded approach the Fairy in Belfast in 1954 and a swain pink-slipped blanks from a reproduction gun as she rode in a London Advance in 1981. Marcus Sergeant-at-law, who pulled the actuate, is quoted by the BBC as expression “I cherished to be far-famed. I treasured to be a person.”

Nance Victoria was about the dupe of respective former citizenry who cherished to micturate a distinguish for themselves.

Edward Oxford’s Look for Celebrity

Scarce as with Marcus Sergeant, Edward Oxford precious the notoriety that would espouse from assaultive Pansy Victoria. On the even of June 10, 1840, he set his office on Make-up Mound in London and waited for Nance Victoria and Prince Albert to walk in a perambulator.

A lodge on Edward Oxford held in The Berkshire Immortalise Situation (BRO) relates that “When they drew story with him, he laid-off two shots in successiveness from furcate pistols at the Faggot.”

Edward Oxford’s failed undertake. | Rootage

Both bullets lost, which is not the way the incidental was pictured in the 2009 pic Unseasoned Victoria . Erst the scriptwriters got clasp of the account they had Prince Albert throwing his consistence concluded his wife to protect her and fillet a slug in the outgrowth.

Edward Oxford claimed he lonesome had powder in his arm and it has ne’er been confirmed thither were existent bullets in the chambers.

Supercharged with betrayal, Oxford was believably gallery for the gallows until his kinsfolk told the homage he had constantly “seemed of fallacious judgment and that both his grandad and begetter had exhibited signs of psychopathy …”

The verdict was acquitted by understanding of insanity. BRO notes “He standard the doom of all such lunatics – to be detained until Her Majesty’s joy be known.” The Queen’s delight was not known for 25 age, afterwards which Edward Oxford was deported to Australia where he died in 1900.

Embellished by Flick Makers

Two Eld Afterward; Two more Attempts

Trick Francis may birth been motivated by the like press as Oxford and Sergeant. On May 29, 1842 he open attack on the unseasoned fairy in St. James’s Green. A life of the nance makes this prompting.

This was Francis’s secondment attack; the day earlier he had what amounted to a rehearsal by aiming his arm but not dismission. He loose but patrol were queasy to catch him. So they arranged another equipage drive for the pansy the next day and this meter they caught him in the act. Francis’s aim was off and his execute brought him a womb-to-tomb condemn in a punishable dependency.


Toilet William Bonce may let been another status-seeker. Equitable a month afterwards Francis’s bungled blackwash endeavour Attic dismissed a handgun at Fairy Victoria, but alternatively of exploitation a hummer he blotto his arm with wallpaper and baccy. He got off with not lots more a rap on the knucks; 18 months in prison.

Sevener age subsequently, Irishman William Hamilton was another bulletless assailant. He filled his handgun solitary with pulverization and got a seven-year doom to a punishable dependency for his ail.

Lastly, Lineage Is Raddled

In June 1850, ex-army policeman Robert Crown time-tested a new maneuver. He approached Victoria’s pusher and whacked the sovereign on the nous with a walk lambaste. Luckily, the queen’s cowling took near of the bump, but thither was a picayune ancestry.

Roughly eld subsequently, the lambaste came up purchasable and The New York Multiplication reported (January 1899) that the onset caused “a injure upon her Loftiness the scratch of which she quieten carries.” Nonetheless, a substance from the fairy’s faculty persuaded the possessor of the lambaste to take it from sale.

Crown was too judged to be off his cradle and was bundled off to a punishable dependency that was by now fill up with cumbersome assassins.


Irish Menace Fag Victoria

The guns and cudgels were gaol for a couplet of decades just, a dissatisfied Irishmen, distinct to try to excerpt the fag.

In February 1872, she was departure Buckingham Castle in her pushchair when, as Christopher Hibbert writes in The Send on Sunday , “17-year-old youthfulness, Arthur O’Connor, waved a handgun at her, demanding the waiver of Fenian prisoners – revolutionaries active for an main Ireland.”

Again, Hibbert proven to be another tepid assailant because he didn’t attack his arm on invoice of its not organism crocked. Off to the colonies with him.

A Last Attack on Fairy Victoria’s Liveliness

In Marching 1882, Victoria was departure Windsor railroad post and Scotsman Roderick McLean was ambuscade. But, the manque liquidator was patched by around boys from nearby Eton College and they started laying most him with their umbrellas.

Distrait by the horde of schoolboys, McLean’s snap went wide-cut and, again, Tabby Victoria’s favourable run drawn-out. Obviously, McLean’s motivative was that he didn’t treat the curt respond the faggot sent him in reaction to about verse he had scripted for her.

It is to be pretended that the fag was not entertained by the versify.

Metre Cartridge ’s Glen Recruit described the fortune of Roderick McLean: “He was time-tested for treason, and the panel constitute him ‘not hangdog, but mad,’ which sentenced him to disbursal the remainder of his sprightliness at Broadmoor Institution in Berkshire, England.”

A Game Almost Dastard

But, the budding assassins weren’t through yet; a aggroup of Irish-American nationalists aforethought to fete Fag Victoria’s Fiftieth anniversary on the toilet by berating Westminster Abbey with her and the Locker inner it. Or did they?

British law got farting of the diagram, followed the bombers when they arrived in England from America, and were able-bodied to accumulate all the Irish nationalistic hole-and-corner networks that helped them. It turns out the solid occasion was crosshatched by the British politics to disgrace the home-rule-for-Ireland cause.

This looks to be one of those occasions on which the professionals succeeded where so many butterfingered amateurs had failed.

Victoria self-portrait in 1835. | Origin

Incentive Factoids

Faggot Victoria had a prowler who became known as “The Boy Jones.” Betwixt 1838 and 1841, teen Edward Jones got into Buckingham Castle leastways fourfold. He stole nutrient from the kitchen and was caught double seated on the monarch’s potty. On one affair, he was establish in ownership of around of her majesty’s underclothing. He was captive then transported to Australia.

Victoria was christened Alexandrina and was e’er known as Drina during her puerility. She started exploitation her halfway discover, Victoria, when she became fagot at the age of 18.

Faggot Victoria was fluid in English and German; she too rung Latin, Italian, and French. In accession, she lettered a few edubirdie.com phrases in Urdu and Hindustani.

Fag Victoria in 1890. | Rootage


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© 2017 Rupert Taylor

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